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About Us

Shiny Vinyl Record Cleaning is a brand new UK business enterprise, located in Houston in Renfrewshire.

As a Sports Therapist by profession and with 22 yrs of practice and employment, the current COVID-19 pandemic situation lead to my redundancy from an established Osteopathy clinic in Glasgow.

I now have a new location to still practice my self employed Sports Therapy at home, and at the same time have also decided  to diversify and follow another precious passion of mine, with my love and fascination of Vinyl Records.




So yeah I love playing my LP’s and singles and caring for them, so why not clean other peoples records too, and make a business out of it?

Yeah, Sports Therapy and Record Cleaning, who’d have put them together?

Well me I guess.

I have invested and built my own premises at home for Shiny Vinyl Record Cleaning, and I have set up to incorporate the latest recognised record cleaning methods – Moth Mk11 Liquid Vacuum Machine and Ultrasonic water bathing in conjunction with the Vinyl Stack Sonic Spin kit. These methods are comparable to other record cleaning services in the UK.

record cleaning service


Our Professional Vinyl Record Cleaning Service includes

Standard Clean – 4 Stage cleaning process 

Premier Clean – 5 Stage cleaning process

How It Works:

  • Complete the Contact Form for Mailing or Drop Off/Collection options.
  • We will send you a Quote and easy-to-follow Instructions for either of the above.
  • You can then send the records or drop them off.
  • We will clean them and return by post or prepare them for collection.


Tel: 07713 155044

View our comprehensive Vinyl Record Cleaning service below, from as little as £2.50 per Disc.

We include BOTH Liquid Vacuuming, and Ultra-sonic Bathing treatment, in conjunction with the Vinyl Stack Ultra Sonic Spin Kit .                             (See details below)

Information on current PRICES  for Shiny Vinyl Record Cleaning service.





The MKII Moth Machine is based upon the well proven and accepted record cleaner that has been available from Moth for around 20 years.  Record cleaning machines have long been accepted as one of the most effective and efficient ways of cleaning and renovating vinyl LP’s, 12”, 10” and 7” singles, and even some 78’s.

The MKII Moth Record Cleaning machine is a wet cleaning and vacuum removal device, with a powered turntable which allows for bi-directional operation of the turntable in both the fluid application ‘Wash’ cycle and in the vacuum ‘Drying’ phase, with a drainable internal reservoir to collect waste fluid from the vacuumed record surface. Fluid is applied by hand to a rotating record, then brushed, and then drawn off the record by a high efficiency vacuum system.


Our ultrasonic cleaner is a device that cleans items by using ultrasound and water or an appropriate cleaning solvent. It offers complete and rapid removal of dirt, germs and other contaminants from items that are placed in a tank of water, that is then agitated with sound waves having a high frequency.

When the machine is switched on, it activates an internal transducer which converts the electrical energy to ultrasonic energy. It does this as the transducer increases in size to create high-frequency compression sound waves, which results in the rapid formation and collapse of cavitation bubbles.

Compression waves continue and the cavitation bubbles grow larger, and when they reach a certain size and can’t retain their shape any longer, the bubbles stir through the liquid, turning the liquid apart. These bubbles are what impacts against the objects in the tank, causing dust, dirt, germs, oil, pigments, and other contaminants that might have stuck to the items to come off.

Vinyl Records are normally cleaned for up to 5 -10 minutes, and longer if necessary.


The Vinyl Stack Ultra Sonic Spin Kit is what we use to clean multiple vinyl records at a time, within our Ultrasonic Cleaning baths machines. Using the Sonic Spin ‘3’ and ‘4’ Stack Record Label Protector units which attach to individual motorised Ultra Sonic Spin unit, your record labels stay dry and protected, while your record slowly rotates, bathes and cleans within the bath. 

The Ultra Sonic Spin unit is fitted with a variable speed DC motor, which allows for precise and extremely slow rotation (between 1.5 – 7 minutes per revolution) of your records, resulting in optimal deep ultrasonic cleaning.


Following the bathing process, we allow for adequate drying of your records on our drying racks, before a final wipe down with micro-fibre cloth, and then a final inspection to make sure your record is cleaned and dry, before being Anti-Static treated and then returned to its original inner sleeve, or a new inner sleeve which is recommended and at additional cost. 

The drying time is monitored closely so that your records are not returned to their sleeves too early and therefore still damp, to prevent possible mildew and attraction of future contaminants. Further, we do not want to leave your records out in the open atmosphere too long on the drying racks either, as this will start the dust attraction process to the record surface, again.


The Zerostat 3 is a device that produces a combination of positive and then negative ions at the ‘target’, your vinyl records.. The idea is to neutralise the area of static charge, the thing that attracts dust to the area.

It removes static electricity from the surface of the record, helping to prevent dust infiltrating its grooves and creating noisy playback. If you’ve ever taken a record out of a sleeve and heard multiple cracks from static as the LP is removed, this means that your vinyl is covered in static electricity and is currently attracting dust to its grooves, even inside the sleeve and when it hits open air, and then when you put it on the turntable and while it’s playing. The result is more noise during play, and because dust erodes, that dust will increase wear and tear on the vinyl itself. Yes that will take a long time, but the effect will hasten your record’s playability and sound quality.



We only use Distilled water which is distilled and produced in-house, from our filtered water system, to use in our Ultrasonic bathing/ cleaning machine process. This allows us to be as Eco-Friendly to your records and to the environment as practicable.

Using Distilled water is slightly less effective (about a third) than using Deionised water in the cleaning process, but it is a less harmful way of obtaining Distilled water than the production of Deionised, which uses chemicals within filtration resins in its production. Distilled water is then free of minerals and salts, and also virus and bacteria free. 

This makes it easy to dispose of the dirty waste water, through a fine filtration process and further water distillation, for clean recyclable use.

We use a small diluted amount of specialist cleaning fluid in the Moth MKII Cleaning Machine process as part of the recommended Moth cleaning procedure. Any extra cleaning fluid that is not vacuumed up in this process is gently removed with micro-fibre cloth, immediately on completion and before the Ultrasonic bathing process.




The Premier Cleaning method is a more timeous process than Standard. Each side of the record playing surface is first coated with a mix of distilled water with a precise measure of Surfactant. This is a substance which reduces the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved, which then soaks deep into the record groove. This allows for the deepest penetration of our cleaning fluids in the Moth Mk II vacuum and Ultrasonic bathing processes.

Each record playing surface (and not the label) is gently coated with this liquid with a fine brush, and then left to dry on a drying rack, before then repeating the process of the opposite side. Drying can  take approx. 1-2 hours for each side dependant on ambient room temperature.

When this is completed, the records are then cleaned and processed in the exact same manner as the Standard cleaning method, using the Moth Mk II vacuum, Ultrasonic bathing and Zerostat 3 antistatic application.

I consider this cleaning method to be the very best and most effective process for cleaning your oldest and most played vinyl. Since these are likely to be the most handled (with sweaty finger prints, etc.) and over time more atmospherically exposed, the dirtier these records will be.


Prices – For drop off & collection by customers only

Minimum order of 10 vinyl items – LP’s, Ep, 12″, 10″ & 7″ single (And a Mix there of)

For a bespoke quote or for a larger number of discs, please use our Contact Form , or email –

We endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Payment can be made by cash, PAYPAL, Debit or Credit Card or BACS Transfer.

                    Standard Clean          Premier Clean

Up to 10 items –   £25.00                       £35.00

Up to 20 items –   £50.00                       £70.00

Up to 30 items –   £70.00                       £100.00

Up to 40 items –   £95.00                       £135.00

Up to 50 items –   £110.00                      £160.00

Up to 100 items – £220.00                     £300,00

Up to 200 items – £420.00                    £525.00


Our price is for one cleaning cycle on each side of ONE  vinyl record whether it is an LP, 12″ or 7″ single.

Each cleaning process for either Standard or Premier cleaning, takes the same amount of time to process regardless of type or size of the record vinyl. 

Each batch of records is processed according to the prices above. Therefore, if you send more or less discs than agreed, the price will accordingly be at the next increased item level, or remain at the original agreed price.

Double, triple and multiple LP’s or boxsets, count as per the number of discs contained within them.

Add 25p/ disc for a new PANMER poly-lined inner sleeve for LP & 12″, or 7″ PVC external cover. (10″ sleeve N/A)


Cleaning dosen’t repair? 

scratches remain scratches

We endeavour to restore your precious vinyl with our detail cleaning service, however we cannot always guarantee improvements. 

We will remove surface dust and debris, but we cannot repair scratches or excessive wear in the record grooves, nor any other original manufacturing defects on the vinyl. Likewise, any previous damage through poor handling or storing in the past, or other trauma such as ‘warping’, may lead to very little improvement in sound quality.

If there is such damage found or clearly visible on receipt of your records, we will contact you immediately to discuss a course of action.

We will also contact you if we think a further cycle of the cleaning process,  might benefit an extremely dirty record surface in your batch order.



Please check what you send or deliver?

we only clean what you send

Make sure that what you are sending us is correct. So what’s on the outside cover matches the actual inside vinyl record. How many times have you gone for a CD in the past, to find something completely different in the case. Same with vinyl? Not everyone may be as particular as yourself in putting things back, especially after a party or family gathering. Like that’s ever going to happen anytime soon?

For all orders/ batches of vinyl items we ask you to complete our Contact Form & Vinyl Inventory List   to confirm your full details of Name and Address, including postcode, and any contactable land or mobile telephone number. 

Please also include the number of vinyl record items you are sending us, and include specific details of your order on our  Vinyl Inventory List attachment document. This allows us to correlate and manage your order throughout the cleaning process. It also allows us to verify the contents of  your order should the need arise, to confirm for purposes of insurance claims against your delivery / courier.


This service is available by strict pre-arranged appointment only, especially in the current COVID-19 situation.

Please adhere to the agreed Drop Off / Pick Up time. In adverse circumstances, please contact us and let us know if you are running late or need to postpone.

Drop Off & Pick Up times are usually during Office Hours 9.30am – 5pm Mon – Fri. & on Weekends by prior arrangement only. 


Payment can be made at the time of Drop Off with Cash, or with Credit or Debit card.

Please confirm this when arranging your appointment to deliver your order.



We recommend that you use a fully insured service in order to ensure secure delivery. Your package for posting must be sound and substantial enough to withstand the journey both to and from our premises. We recommend a new or fully intact double walled carton, plus suitable inner packaging like bubble wrap, and this should minimise movement during transit.

If your package is received in poor condition, we reserve the right to charge for the supply of return packaging. We take a photograph of all delivered parcels upon receipt and then prior to returning to the customer, as proof of postal condition.

We strongly recommend that you send your discs via a secure tracked delivery service.

We cannot be held liable for records that go missing or are damaged in transit by a third party. The Buyer is responsible for sending the records securely via a tracked/Signed For service.

Please provide us with your address details upon purchase. A contactable telephone number and tracking info is required. We will provide you with our work address upon cleared payment.

Our quoted price includes return postage to your UK Mainland delivery address.



Please use the Contact Form to confirm your full name & Address details, including a contactable telephone number.


Our record cleaning service takes 2 – 5 days turnaround time, but this also depends on the size of order being processed. We will aim for the quickest turnaround at all times. Smaller batches are often quickest.

Please provide a secure UK Mainland based address. We use Parcelforce Worldwide – Express AM or Express24, depending on the size of your order for return delivery. This also provides up to £200 or £100 of compensation cover respectively of each service. If you wish us to use another courier or postal service, please inform us in your initial enquiry.

Your discs are fully insured and full tracking details will be sent to you via email upon dispatch. Where items are damaged or lost in the post, our proof of posting completes our obligation.

The Buyer is responsible for progressing a claim against the Postal Courier. We will supply photography showing the condition of the package as it was received by us and prior to return dispatch.

DETAILS:  10 x LP = 2.5 kg approx. UK PO Signed 2nd Class, medium parcel = £9.99 (£50 max compensation loss) Parcelforce Worldwide – PDF doc. 

Our Location

Based in Renfrewshire in Houston village, approximately 10 minutes away from Glasgow Airport.

Please contact by text for drop off / collection directions, and for our guidance on social distancing protocols.

Uplift and re-delivery options available at extra cost, and by pre-arrangement only. 

Postal delivery to us are at the cost and responsibility of the customer. The cost of returning you order will be included in your order quotation.

Damaged goods that are received by us, will be notified to you and recorded immediately, and action discussed between parties.

All photographs are supplied and the property of Shiny Vinyl Record Cleaning – 2020