Prices – For drop off & collection by customers only

Minimum order of 10 vinyl items – LP’s, Ep, 12″, 10″ & 7″ single (And a Mix there of)

For a bespoke quote or for a larger number of discs, please use our Contact Form , or email –

We endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Payment can be made by cash, Paypal, Debit or Credit Card or BACS Transfer.

Insurance and Postage to us is at your own cost and risk, as are the subsequent return postage or courier costs on completion of your order.

                  Standard Clean          Premier Clean

Up to 10 items –   £25.00                       £35.00

Up to 20 items –   £50.00                       £70.00

Up to 30 items –   £70.00                       £100.00

Up to 40 items –   £95.00                       £135.00

Up to 50 items –   £110.00                      £160.00

Up to 100 items – £220.00                     £300,00

Up to 200 items – £420.00                    £525.00

Our price is for one cleaning cycle on each side of ONE  vinyl record. The cleaning process takes the same amount of time to clean and process whether it is an LP, 12″ or 7″ single.

Each batch of records is processed according to the prices above. Therefore, if you send more discs than agreed, the price will be adjusted accordingly, or less then remain at the original agreed price.

For larger orders please ask first for a quote.

Double, triple and multiple LP’s or boxsets, count as per the number of vinyl discs contained within them.

Add 25p/ disc for a new PANMER poly-lined inner sleeve for LP & 12″, or 7″ PVC external cover. (10″ sleeve N/A)

Cleaning dosen’t repair? 

scratches remain scratches

We endeavour to restore your precious vinyl with our detail cleaning service, however we cannot always guarantee improvements. 

We will remove surface dust and debris, but we cannot repair scratches or excessive wear in the record grooves, nor any other original manufacturing defects on the vinyl. Likewise, any previous damage through poor handling or storing in the past, or other trauma such as ‘warping’, may lead to very little improvement in sound quality.

If there is such damage found or clearly visible on receipt of your records, we will contact you immediately to discuss a course of action.

We will also contact you if we think a further cycle of the cleaning process,  might benefit an extremely dirty record surface in your batch order.



Please check what you send or deliver?

we only clean what you send

Make sure that what you are sending us is correct. So what’s on the outside cover matches the actual inside vinyl record. How many times have you gone for a CD in the past, to find something completely different in the case. Same with vinyl albums. Not everyone may be as particular as yourself in putting things back, especially after a party or family gathering. 

For all orders/ batches of vinyl items we ask you to complete our Contact Form & Vinyl Inventory List   to confirm your full details of Name and Address, including postcode, and any contactable land or mobile telephone number. 

Please also include the number of vinyl record items you are sending to us, and include specific details of your order on our  Vinyl Inventory List attachment document. This allows us to correlate and manage your order throughout the cleaning process. It also allows us to verify the contents of  your order should the need arise, to confirm for purposes of insurance claims against your delivery or courier.

Postage to us is at your own cost and risk, as are the subsequent return postage or courier costs on completion of your order.